Beverages and soups are generally consumed by a large number of people for the reasons of their being refreshing, tasty and nutritious.

Presence of food processing industry also increases the hired workforce in farms. Contribution to GDP Rs.

Food Processing Industry in India: S&T Capability, Skills and Employment Opportunities

Inadequate awareness of prevention care techniques. To understand the skill set required it is important to know value chain in food processing industry. But Indian food processing industry is highly industyr, and most of the employers in this sector ignore the new technologies and prefer manual labor, compromising on Good Manufacturing Practices.

Value addition has been considered as the thrust area. Competitiveness of Indian export items are coming down, eg.

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR initiatives inxia Bharti Walmart are aimed at empowerment of the community thereby fostering inclusive growth. According to Annual Report of MOFPI,India produces million tones of milk, million tones of fruits and vegetables, million Livestock, million tons of food grain, 7 million tons of fish, million poultry and 45, million eggs, and still our presence at world stage is even less than 1.

Horticulture sector includes fruits, vegetables, root and tuber crops, spices, mushrooms, honey, floriculture, medicinal and aromatic plants and nuts. It is no longer competitive even with Vietnam thesis on food processing industry in india marine thesis on food processing industry in india and spices. The food processing industry has many challenges in front of it, ranging from infrastructure to human resources and to technological backwardness.


Mostly the produce was heated, boiled or sun dried.

Lack of skilled and trained manpower in food processing industry is also a big issue. Export share of various countries in world processed food market [22].

The entrepreneurs do not pay adequate attention to all these facilities, therefore all the responsibility falls on farmer groups. The sector processint needs highly skilled people, who can contribute to the growth of sector. The NSSO thesis on food processing industry in india refers to belong to 56 th and 62 nd rounds. Major food processing states in India [20]. The value addition in different stages in food processing industry requires different skill sets; the basic functional distribution of human resource across segments in food processing industry is given in Table 5.

CAGR for total manufacturing sector during the same thesis on food processing industry in india has been 9. In this method the severity of the heat treatment and the resulting extension of the shelf life are determined mostly by the pH of the food. But in the last two decades things have changed, with the coming of multi-national corporations and new technologies, fruit and vegetable processing is also seen as a business opportunity.

Financial intervention for enhancing processing levels of Industries, and assistance in setting up new Industry. The skill gaps present in various segments of the food processing industry will be analyzed in next section. The state wants to iin utilize the untapped potential of the sector, and generate more revenue from the sector.


The paper endeavors to analyze the food processing industry in its current form in India.

At present, fhesis share in exports of processed food in world trade has remained at about 1. There is a wide gap between productivity and processing of items. Winnowing Manually with ordinary baskets Mechanical winnowing with manual mechanical power.

The sector employs people of different backgrounds and of different education level. HRD Ministry, annual report It enhances and augments per capita food availability form a unit arable land and other resources by preventing avoidable post harvest losses and adding value to thesis on food processing industry in india fresh agro-produces. Proessing and availability of same set of data on food processing industry across different years was a big constraint.