Conceptual or theoretical definitions Definitions should be as brief, clear, and unequivocal as possible Acronyms should always be spelled out fully especially if it is not commonly known or if it research paper chapter 1 ppt used for the first time. It clarifies to the readers and future researchers the significance of the results of the study and their potential contribution to the discovery of new knowledge and policy implications.

Best classifies reading-reference notes under four principal research paper chapter 1 ppt If the materials are unpublished indicate authors, titles, and classify if thesis or dissertation, the college or university where the study was made, year and page, etc. This is the time, either months or years, during which the data psper gathered. Make a related study on the needs and relevance of your investigation. The dependent variable is the outcome of the study.

These concepts are presented in the form of a paradigm or model showing the steps or processes to be used in the study. At the library, researh into the card catalogs for titles of articles, books, monographs and documents. A thematic approach to writing a review of related literature makes it logical, systematic and convenient to the researcher. Repetition or extension of investigation.


The last part of the study is a research paper chapter 1 ppt situational analysis to present information on the problem and what prompts the researcher to venture into such a study. Books, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other similar references, Articles published in professional journals, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, and other publications.


The locale of the study, where the data were gathered or the entity to which the data belong. Terms are usually quoted by a researcher.

Published by Britton Atkinson Modified over 2 years ago. This part research paper chapter 1 ppt the chapter justifies the conduct of the research undertakings. It depicts in a more vivid way what the conceptual framework wants to convey. The analysis attempts to show that the study is relevant and contributes to the existing fund of knowledge.

Limitations of the study include the weaknesses of the study beyond the control of the researcher. If citation is by topic, chronological citation can be done in the footnote.

Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND REVIEW OF LITERATURE AND STUDIES – ppt video online download

Materials cyapter were written earlier should be cited first before those which were research paper chapter 1 ppt later. As soon as they are copied, file them in a card index box. On these cards, write the names of authors, titles of the books, sources, year of publication, publisher and place of publication.

Overview of Research Process. The figure shows the interrelationships of the variables of the study: My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Only terms, words, or phrases, which have special or unique meaning in the study, are defined. Possible contribution to the fund of knowledge. It serves as a guide to writing the findings, conclusions and recommendations.


Keep a supply of note cards with you at all times, so that you can jot down ideas that come to research paper chapter 1 ppt while waiting, riding the bus, or listening to a lecture or discussion. chxpter

research paper chapter 1 ppt Be sure that notes are complete and clearly understandable, for they are not likely to be used for some time after they have been copied. The major problem of the study can be stated by briefly pointing out the chaptee, the subject and the coverage as well as the time frame.

Limitation of the study points out the variables not included.

In this case, if different authors or writers have the same opinion about the same topic, the researfh is discussed and cited under the names of the authors or writers.