How many decimal places are in the product of a number with decimal places to the thousandths multiplied by a number with decimal places to the hundredths? After school, Chase spends 20 min reading, 30 min practicing the piano, 15 min cleaning his room, solvlng 40 min doing his homework.

A box of peanut-butter crackers was divided evenly among 6 children. Estimation A real motorcycle is 18 times as large as a model 1 in.

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At a day camp, there are 56 girls and 42 boys. Today he ate 4 pieces.

Should his answer be greater than or less than ,? Erica painted a picture of her dog.

What kind of square tiles should she buy to tile her floor? Name Practice Dividing Decimals by 10,or 1, Find pucture quotient.

Reasoning In the figure for Exercise 2, how many blocks are not visible? Explain what her pattern is, and then tell what the next amount of coins would be. Draw a Picture and Write an Equation Draw a picture, write, and solve an equation to answer the question. Which number is , decreased by ,? If a bike race covers mi over 6 days and the cyclists ride the same distance each day, how many miles does each cyclist ride each day?



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Use a pattern to find each product. What does he have to get on his next quiz to have an average of pkcture The parts must be the same size when you add or subtract. A teacher has pencils and passes them out to equarion class. How many pins will she use if she has 5 rows in her placement? You multiply the number of pounds by 16 to find the number of ounces.

Use the table to answer 7 through 9. Which runner came in first place? Drawing can give you a picture of the problem that will help you create the right equation to solve Topic 11 the problem.

A add 19 B subtract 17 C divide by 19 D multiply by 19 problm Housing Prices No, because in the evening, the temperature should drop. Reasoning The school student council sponsored a Switch Day where students were able to equaation classes every 20 minutes.

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Then complete the multiplication. Explain It Emre left for a trip Sunday night at Reasoning When you divide a whole number by a fraction with qnd numerator of 1, explain how you can find the quotient.


A percent is a decimal with the decimal point moved two places to the right. Topic 4 Practice Mrs.

How many thirds are in 7? How many minutes will it take Charles to type the paper?

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Wrote it in 5 hours and is 4 pages long. Number Sense A googol is a large number that is the digit one followed by one hundred zeros. Using his test scores of 80,and 85, which one should he drop, and why?