Steinbeck ‘s “Log From the Sea of Cortez”. Eliciting self-explanations improves understanding. A prompt will be offered to students basically asking them to explain what they learned and to pull in information they already know in order to think critically about the points made within the “lesson goal”: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Activity Outline [ edit boilogy In teams and forming interactive study groups, students are to learn using text-based material combined with distance learning tools. The teacher would have uploaded material to an existing Blackboard class on Marine Biology that students marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking access to.

criticall My husband, Wilfred, is in the Army reserve. Without ever having seen them, why do you think they were classified as echinoderms, not as members of new phylum?

How can you explain this change? The DB will be made available for commentaries to be posted throughout the week. These changes are controlled by sex hormones but triggered by social cues such as the absence of a dominant male.

Think of why deep sea divers wear specialized suites before exploring the depths of the ocean Reflection The final step which is still part of the assessment process, is boology “reflection”.

If the male disappears, the largest dominant marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking immediately begins to act like a male and within a relatively short period of time changes color marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking transforms into one that is capable of producing sperm.

Retrieved from ” https: Objectives [ edit ] In discussing ecosystems and the role of pressure, temperature, and volume on living organisms, we will correlate life science content to physical science. The teacher will have the option to post ‘external links’ on Blackboard for students to use alongside their textbook. In essence, what nutrients are found in the deeper parts of the ocean? In order for it to include a distance learning component rather than blended learningthe teacher may correspond with other teachers in coastal regions in order to have a fieldtrip in their respective area involving marine life aquarium or high tide.


Marine Biology: Critical Thinking Questions and Answers

Note that this option is only possible if all students within the group possess a Skype account and have each others’ email information. Are there any advantages and disadvantages in having an equal number of males and females. If the female disappear or is experimentally removed, her mate changes into a female and the largest of the non-breeding males becomes the new dominant male.

Students marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking 24 hours to email their information and further study and communicate if necessary.


Define and describe hypoxia Deep-sea fishes that are hermaphrodites guarantee the ability to breed. An introduction to the philosophy of education pp.

Views Read Edit View history. How do the organisms of the deep sea cope with the intense pressure of deep underwater living?

Marine Biology Lesson Plan

A good choice for an external link for this lesson is this Discover Magazine article. In regards to asynchronous conferencing, though it is limited by language, it is not limited by time and therefore student replies will be more in-depth.


Test-format essay questions on Blackboard No two answers should be the same; students may be working in teams, but they are still required to answer each question according to their understanding an personal analysis. What are the advantages and disadvantages of marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking situation? Finally, a quiz imported into Blackboard that is timed and randomized may be used as an alternative marine biology chapter 3 critical thinking or a reflective essay.

IV Virtual Schools Though this isn’t the remaining use for the program, schools such as National University’s Virtual K program or Halstrom High School’s Online program have opted to utilize Blackboard as their primary learning center. If the Blackboard class exists but students are not yet enrolled, the teacher can easily utilize the administrative access through the “control panel” options on Blackboard in order to create users or enroll students for this specific lesson.

Using either Youtube or TeacherTube will allow all schools in correspondence to view the material and for students from different locations to use, in order to answer a series of critical thinking questions based on ecology and the effects of location, climate, etc.