Special provisions to be made by the State in favour of women and children.

The study focused on the involvement of women in politics in South Africa and Uganda. Constitutional Provisions for Indian Women 1.

Article 51 A e. Equal pay for equal work for both men and women.

A Literature Review on Gender Equity

Total fertility rate births per woman. Article 39 d 7. A woman is molested in the country every 26 minutes and raped every 34 minutes. Boys tend to be given more physical tasks like lawn mowing and fixing things, while pn are stuck with housecleaning literaturee doing the dishes.

Onn Literature Review on Gender Equity. Total fertility rate births per woman 3. Maternal mortality ratio perlive births. A woman is killed every 93 minutes.

Article 39 a 6. Sims, L, Another study finds that only 3 percent of the most highly compensated executives are female, that these positions are held disproportionately by men, and that female executives are more likely literature review on gender issues be clustered in particular industry groups Healy and Zukka, There are empirical evidences that idsues promotion of gender equity leads to better economic performance of the concerned societies.


No discrimination by the State on the grounds only of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of these. E-mail March 10, The continuance of journey depends on the equal strength and speed of both wheels of a chariot. Article literature review on gender issues 3 4.

Even parents who fight for gender equity in their own marriages find themselves splitting their children’s tasks along traditional gender lines. Constitutional Provisions for Indian Women. Equality before the law.

Net Primary School Enrollment Rate. Pollard, Tayler and Daher, Revew Perspective The woman are still waiting to get the due respect and recognition in India. One of such studies was done by Stephan Literature review on gender issues of.

There is evidence that gender equity is a “luxury good”; the demand for female schooling is more income elastic than that for male schooling. There are many studies done by scholar across the world to find association between empowered woman and their socio- economic performance.

He geneer found a relationship between the importance of gender equity to economic growth and traced women’s literature review on gender issues society in Uganda was given importance. Every 43 minutes, a woman is kidnapped. Provisions to be made by the State for securing just and humane conditions of work and for maternity relief. Every 42 minutes, an incident of sexual harassment takes place.


Societies with greater female employment opportunities are less prone to corruption and poor governance Klasen, S. To promote harmony and to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women.

Gender gaps undermine the gebder of women to be effective agents of economic process. Life Expectancy at Birth years. Boys are more likely than girls to attend school in rural China. Unlike ancient times, women face physical mental harassment and violence in and outside the family throughout their lives.