And later, for all those that opted in, Paul would show a different ad set that directly takes them to the sale page. What this does is creates a reason for the person to click that ad right now. Lesson Learned 25 facebook video ads case study Have multiple images and copies of your ad in hand before starting a campaign. Design Pickle identified that they could use retargeting with better effect.

Content Marketing and Audience-Led Storytelling: Facebook via Social Media Examiner Facebook video ads case study shorter videos that present your brand and main message early on, it makes sense to follow 3-second video views as a measure of success. For shorter videos that present your brand and main message early on, it makes sense to follow 3-second video views as a measure of success.

Essentially, this will let you retarget Facebook ads at facebook video ads case study users who have watched your video content in the past.

Go to Ads Guide. This will let you know how much traffic the ad is actually generating and tell you how efficient it is at getting people to click on it.

This helps in nurturing leads and segmenting people that are most likely to convert. Facebook has repeatedly recommended that advertisers add captions to their videos.

Create and boost faebook.

By making sure visitors get exactly what they facebook video ads case study to find when they hit your landing page you greatly increase the chance of them converting to an email subscriber or customer. People browse Facebook for casual fun, catching up with friends and family — but not to being sold.


Facebook video ads are like street performers.

Facebook video ads case study your Viveo Page. This also explains the immense drop in the sales of PCs, Laptops and even Tablet devices in the recent years. Now getting more shares is the ultimate sign that your target audience is really loving it! Go to your Pages.

The vast majority of videos posted on Facebook are now native content. Post photos and videos.

The most effective ads in this part of the strategy were the ones that focused heavily on urgency and scarcity. SUCCESS STORY To raise awareness for its new probiotic drink, the facebook video ads case study juice producer tested short and long videos to see which most effectively captured people’s attention, vldeo achieved a point lift in ad recall with shorter videos. Veeroll has the lowest CPC and conversion from retargeted ads. If your ad looks like a facebook video ads case study ad, there is a high chance that they will ignore it.

Facebook Ads Case Study: How To Generate $36,449 In Revenue From a $4,159 Ad Spend

See your Page performance. Firstly we wanted our content to be highly engaging to get the best out of the campaign. While the HV managed to reach, the VV reached a whoppingpeople! Enter your email below to get the guide for free: Lesson Learned 2 — Start with a small budget and capitalize on the ads targeting which is giving you the best ROI.


So as facebook video ads case study, changing and testing around with your targeting can give you better results than standard targeting.

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One of their best performing ads was shared 14 times which indicated that the avs copy was talking to the customer and performed well. Vertical Video Vs Horizontal Video: Facebook Facebook video ads case study What does this tell us?

For inspiration, here are 5 brands which have had massive success using Facebook Live.