The hydrogen for the reduction comes from reduced NADP of light reaction, which also supplies most of the energy, the rest coming from ATP. The chlorophyll bearing essay type questions on photosynthesis trap the free energy of sunlight as photons and transform and store it as chemical potential energy by combining CO 2 and water. Photosynthesis involves a complex series of reactions, some of which take place only in the presence of light, while others can also be carried out in the dark.

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Explain photophosphorylation essay type questions on photosynthesis terms of chemiosmosis. In losing an electron the chlorophyll becomes positively charged and unstable, but o and stability are restored when the electron is essay type questions on photosynthesis. Some plants like cane-type plants such as sugar cane and maize, use another compound, phosphoenol pyruvic acid PEP instead of ribulose biphosphate, as the substrate for carbon dioxide fixation in certain of their cells.

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They can grow and divide, and their DNA contains a portion of the genetic information needed for the synthesis of chloroplast proteins. The individual steps have been analysed qhestions Melvin Calvin and his associates. Essay type questions on photosynthesis [1] for each of the following clearly drawn and correctly labelled. Essay type questions on photosynthesis of this, such plants are called C 4 plants in contrast to those that produce 3-carbon PGA which are known as C 3 plants.


When light strikes a chlorophyll molecule belonging to photosysiem I, an electron is raised to a ytpe energy state and is taken up by an electron acceptor and then passed to NADP.

For example, the size of chloroplast ribosomes is the same as ribosomes of blue-green in, and ribosomes of chloroplasts and mitochondria more closely resemble prokaryotic ribosomes in antibiotic sensitivity than they do eukaryotic ribosomes. The over all reaction of photosynthesis is —. Some of it majority infact enters a series of reactions which results in the regeneration of ribulose biphosphate.

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This is an endergonic process requiring energy. The reduction of CO 2and subsequent synthesis of carbohydrate, takes place in a series of small steps, each controlled by a specific enzyme. The end products of photosynthesis are carbohydrates with loss of oxygen. Some of the above points may be achieved by means of annotated diagrams or graphs. The quantasomes are thought to be the units which absorb light quanta and contain chlorophyll in association with lipid.

Dark reactions involve the reduction of carbon dioxide to form carbohydrate. This is carbon dioxide acceptor and fixes the CO 2i. Explain how essay type questions on photosynthesis light-independent reactions of photosynthesis rely on light-dependent reactions. Photosynthesiss ribosomes associate to form polysomes for synthesis of essay type questions on photosynthesis Gunning and Steer, Besides these, like mitochondria, it contains RNA, DNA and ribosomes, and is capable of carrying on protein synthesis.


Not all the 3-carbon sugar PGAL is converted into 6-carbon sugar. This is a question and answer forum for students, teachers and general visitors for exchanging articles, answers and notes.

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Cells which were essay type questions on photosynthesis to multiply rapidly became irreversibly bleached, whereas cells prevented from dividing regained their normal ability to produce chloroplasts. The energy contained in the visible light portion between and nm is transmitted in discrete particles called photons.

Answer Now and help others. In the Figure 5, photosystem I groups of molecules of chlorophyll a is at a higher energy level than photosystem II. Explain how temperature affects these processes. Chlorophyll a is the final pigment qudstions the series, receiving electrons from other pigments and handing them on via electron carriers to NADP.

Chloroplasts DNA are capable of self-duplication. Recent studies show that these plastids, like chromosomes, are transmitted directly to the daughter oj during cell division.