Essay anger worst enemy. My personal characteristics essay

People often make great mistakes in their lives when they are angry. To add on, in essay on anger the worst enemy era where smartphones, Internet and social media is the most important thing in the world, it would seem to me that we, as humans, are wasting our lives away. Your membership has been canceled. As I have said, war is a cause that is ob by people who are of opposing views, wanting to be the better of the two.

Essay on Anger the Worst Enemy

Hate, envy, jealousy, possessiveness, suspicion etc are negative emotions. Lewis failed to make the grade. While there are many arguments with regards to this topic, one thing is quite certain and that an inanimate object is not able to essay on anger the worst enemy harm by itself.

His singular thoughtfulness and calm self control is a sign of anget patience and wisdom, and this creates the room for real love to grow.

Anger is also classified as one of the major emotions felt by humans in all cultures. Is this not what we would consider to be destruction of mankind in itself? We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Also the alligators can get sleek and fat on a diet of TV programmes whose stories revolve around violence, lasciviousness, ruthlessness, and other negative human traits. Put us in the right circumstances i. Good short essay whose points I will have need to recall tomorrow, the next day….


But what if this commonly essay on anger the worst enemy view is wrong? Overusing weapons of mass destruction could easily lead to radiological, chemical or bio-toxic contamination of our natural habitat. As a human, we are have many different reasons to feel down and some of which will in turn essay on anger the worst enemy to being our greatest enemy.

Web 01 Dec Always a sordid business at the best of times, politics has been polluted by anger. After the wars end she went back to Germany to help the devastated enemy recover, and even met and managed to forgive one of her former SS guards, one of the most brutal.

Most receptionists and call centre operators will know all essay on anger the worst enemy phone rage. The more we succumb to its power the more it has power over us. Christendom would have called it original sin. While saying that the person you hate the most should be considered your enemy is correct, the question that I would like to bring forward is who you will consider to be your greatest enemy.

In an environment where everything is easily accessible with a single push of a button, it seems that humanity have break the limitations of being a man to that of a superhuman. Man, by nature, is driven by greed and lust and this create wars that kill and affect millions or even billions of people worldwide. Denying the reality of our feelings leads to unconscious negative behaviour.


My point is this is only natural when you disavow apart from token lip-service all respect for religious ideals preserved in culture, customs, and laws. A essay on anger the worst enemy example of hatred in action in the pages of history is the Nazi Party of Germany.

The impact caused by war on the environment is far too great to be undone or corrected. And thus we paradoxically become less sure of ourselves.

Essay anger worst enemy

He likened it to a plant which has a honeyed tip, but which has a root that lies in poison. Calm determination is more effective ebemy beligerance — the warriors of Sparta knew this.

Condemnation of anger even occurs in some pagan philosophies like Stoicism. From street protesters and rock stars, to CEOs, teachers, and police this view is held in common. Eesay Prophet Mohammad told his followers that the best of them were those slowest to anger, and the worst those who stayed angry the longest.