I would estimate x3 just looking at essay 1500 words how many pages offhand…. All you have to do is a little math to figure that out. So how many pages would words be? There are many, many programs and online word counters that you could have used to know you were just short. The best way to know your per page word count would be to look at past pages and count the number of words you write for each page.

Normally for online publishing in my view we have to use 12 essay 1500 words how many pages size ,single spacing. You should change them so they are more accurate for people who use longer vocabulary words.

Photo courtesy of Horia Varlan Share the knowledge: And if you really wanted to know, you could do the calculations to figure it out.

Who is ever going to read pages? What is the Fix? Why is everything word count these days instead of page count?

For those who need a general rule of thumb, a typical page which has 1-inch margins and is typed in 12 point font with standard spacing ,any will be approximately words when typed single spaced. Page count is so much easier.


Would that be half a page? Powered by Springshare ; All rights reserved. As a teacher, I would have taken off points too. Many authors use word count as a motivational tool.

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The truth is there is no definitive answer to this question. We both wrote the same number of words, his are just longer so it takes up more pages.

Can someone explain to me why essay 1500 words how many pages many people are obsessed with word count and page count? To help them from getting stuck and editing each sentence over and over again as they write, they choose a minimum number of words they want to write each day. If I write words, how much would that be 1.

Upcoming library hours, exceptions, exam ewsay. The OP states that these are estimates.

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essay 1500 words how many pages Quite petty of your teacher to subtract points for being 2 words short ofbut Wlrds will say that you could have added a summary sentence. You can also adjust margins with a computer. Assignments often specify a research paper or essay length in terms of words, rather than pages – a paper of words or a paper of words.


That is why almost al assignments are done with word counts. The login page will open in a new window. You can chage things to make the pages different depending on the number of words. Without javascript some functions will not work, including question submission via the form. I can change he margins, increase the font point size or just choose a font that fits me needs for space.

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Most of my assignments are word count, but one class is page count. When viewing an electronic version of a student paper in MicroSoft Word, the exact word count can be easily determined. This is very useful if you need to print your work and need a page estimate. How many words will be on my hand written pages?