Supplements for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Pain in muscles and joints – causes

Pain in the muscles and joints usually associated with inflammation that occurs as a result of trauma (e.g., bruises, sprains, dislocations). Published response inflammation is a natural protective reaction of the organism to any kind of damage. The pain is also accompanied by diseases zwyrodnieniowym system of bones and joints. Is the result of irritation of nerve endings, or sorrow on the nerves, as in the case of degenerative changes in the spine caused by the transformation of the intervertebral discs. In addition to pain at the site of inflammation often occurs, in addition, redness (due to increased blood flow) and swelling (is the result of vasodilation and increased permeability of their walls), and often reduced mobility of joints, limitation of exposure efficiency of the propulsion.

In short the symptomatic treatment of pain in muscles and joints is to use one of the many effective drugs available in pharmacies. The patient can select the appropriate tools from a wide range of tablets, ointments and anaesthetic gels or plasters and compresses warming. However, it is worth remembering that none of them will eliminate the causes of pain. So when the pain will not stop, despite kilkunastodniowego use below described drugs, especially if the severity of symptoms within 7 days, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), pain in muscles and joints

Temporarily alleviate their suffering and improve health will help creams and gels (possibly tablets) containing medicinal substances group of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This is both the most popular drugs pain in muscles and joints and not only because most of them are available without a prescription, but given its high efficiency. Can help particularly with pain, due to injuries. A transient pain, such as painful morning stiffness of the joints, require quite a medication with a short half-life in the body. And during the treatment of people suffering from degenerative disease of the joints, except for the inclusion of appropriate analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which not only załagodzą pain and discomfort, but also decrease the production of mediators of inflammation, it is very important hug their supervision and adherence to the treatment procedures of physiotherapy. In serious disease States within the system of bones and joints, these drugs should be specified only when there is pain, but it is recommended that a systematic and prolonged use. In the case of persistent pain it is advisable to use drugs with long duration of action or effect ” retard.

Pain in muscles and joints prescription and non-prescription

At the pharmacy without a prescription to buy drugs containing:

meloxicam (Meloxicamum) – tablets (7.5 mg),
naproxen (Naproxenum) gel (100 mg/g), tablets (100, 200, and 220 mg),
ibuprofen (Ibuprofenum) – cream (50 mg/g), gel (50 and 100 mg/g), also gel with menthol or lewomentolem (50 mg + 30 mg/g) numerous oral form (100, 200 and 400 mg),
Ketoprofen (Ketoprofenum) – cream (50 mg/g), gel (25 mg/g), the liquid for spraying onto the skin (50 mg/g),
sodium diclofenac (Diclofenacum natricum) gel (10 mg/g), the liquid for spraying on the skin (40 mg/g), plasters, medicinal (140 mg),
dietyloamoniowy diclofenac (Diclofenacum diethylammonium) gel (of 11.6 and 23.2 mg/g),
potassium diclofenac (Diclofenacum kalicum) – tablet, coated soft capsules (12.5 and 25 mg),
etofenamat (Etofenamatum) gel and cream (100 mg/g), also cream nikotynianem of benzyl (100 mg + 10 mg/g), spray on skin (100 mg/ml).

The indication for the use of these medicinal products, in particular, local (ointments, gels) and short-term treatment of post-traumatic changes, congestion and inflammation of periarticular tissues: tendons, ligaments, muscles, joint bursas, synovial bags and pochewek reflexes. In addition, can provide effective assistance in neuralgia, bands, root canal, diseases associated with drawing muscles and pain menstruation. In adults it is also recommended for diseases of rheumatic and degenerative diseases of the peripheral joints and spine, they reduce the severity of clinical symptoms and subjective (pain, limited movement, swelling of joints, pain, rest, morning stiffness), thereby improve the overall physical form.

All of the above substances are inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX2), which is responsible for the development of the inflammatory process in damaged tissues. This mechanism of action of NSAIDs, which makes these drugs effectively carry bothersome of the disease pain in joints and muscles. Recommended particular, in preparations for external use, which are usually well tolerated and have few side effects (unlike pills). You should not use them in fact only those patients who have shown hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of this drug. Contraindicated for women in the third trimester of pregnancy, and in children and adolescents, especially in the age of 14.

It is recommended to use a thin layer of gel or ointments, to be applied only topically to the skin surface, typically 3 or 4 times a day and gently rubbed in, and then allow to dry. The quantity of the product must match the severity of the disease, and after applying it you should thoroughly wash the hands.

And when severe pain can you offer, in addition, oral analgesics can be purchased without a prescription. Without consulting a doctor is not recommended, but their use for longer than 7 days. Non-steroidal analgesics used in the form of tablets, can, for it to cause a lot of side effects, mainly from the gastrointestinal tract (e.g., epigastric pain, indigestion), breathing (including shortness of breath and exacerbation of asthma), as well as uczuleniowe reactions such as itching or a rash. Contraindication are especially the symptoms of hypersensitivity to NSAIDs, work or travelled gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, severe impairment of liver function, kidney or heart failure, third trimester of pregnancy, and bleeding diathesis.

A warming ointment for pain bone and joint

Drugs action rozgrzewającym desirable, especially in the pain origin zwyrodnieniowego and reumatycznego. They can also be used for overload and symptoms of overtraining muscles and after a few days after the injury, but never with concomitant edema. They cause muscle relaxation due to wytwarzanemu heat. Recommended for use in adults.

Pharmacies available first warming cream horse, borowinowa and amber, are used, in particular, commands are pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back, as well as after injuries of the musculoskeletal system, as well as a warming relaxing lotion of the fat Groundhog, giving rest to a tired or damaged muscles and fish farming.

The main components of the ointment that heats up are:

methyl salicylate,
salicylic acid,
the Viper venom zigzag ride
essential oils: eucalyptus, terpentynowy, cinnamon, cloves and others.

The above ingredients as a result of stimulation of nerve endings on the skin surface and increase blood flow, affect the rapid elimination of the inflammatory factors and toxic metabolites. Because of this, help to eliminate the pain and discomfort. Sick and sore spots can also warm up by attacking them with alcohol … or kamforowym.

In turn, supporters of natural methods of treatment, should be interested in the acquisition of homeopathic ointment, which contains in its composition, in particular, Aconite, arnikę, chamomile and St. John’s wort, has the task to reduce the severity of pain accompanying regulations inflammatory processes. This complex product is recommended for additional treatment, especially after injuries such as sprains and mild pains pain in muscles and joints, and in long courses and in frequently occurring injuries. May cause local irritation of the skin.

The cooling and warming patches when pain in joints and muscles

Alternative to ointment, are preferable to some patients, they are willing wraps (gel packs) and patches that can hurt space heating or cooling. The main component of the cooling patch is a hydrogel, and some also contain additives, substances commonly used in maściach, for example, menthol. While warming patches effectively eliminate myalgia (preferably, especially for pain in the back muscles and shoulder), rheumatic neuralgia, plasters, cooling (also ointment) bring relief in cases of blunt trauma, in which, moreover, appears swelling, the inflammatory effusion and hematoma (bruises, sprains, and pain in the accompanying naciągnięciu and nadwyrężeniu muscles.

Pharmacies available warming patches containing the composition:

powdered iron, sodium chloride and active carbon,
kapsaicynę and glycol salicylate,
thick fruit extract Capsicum Annuum L. and thick root extract pokrzyku belladonna L.

The warming patches are used in the local treatment nerwo and mięśniobóli of different origin, for example, in the area of the lumbar – sacral spine. The feeling of warmth and relief after their application is instantaneous, and the effect lasts up to 10 hours. Penetrating deep into the body, the heat causes a relaxation of tension and obolałych muscle, thereby enhancing local blood circulation and pain relief. This allows you to forget about the pain and quickly return to activity. It is important to comb that heats up does not stick to the damaged skin, irritated, or after the injection, and also with fresh injuries and fractures. They cannot be applied in the neck area, neck, armpits and groin.

Medication for pain in the joints (as these are non-prescription and prescription) will help to alleviate the unpleasant ailments. You can take tablets for joints containing analgesics, it is also possible to use medications on the joints, acting locally. What is the effectiveness of one second and what determines the choice of drug?

Medication for pain in the joints (as these are non-prescription and prescription) need to be adjusted depending on the degree of intensity of pain, and possible contraindications for their use (especially in older people taking other drugs and suffering from chronic diseases).
Medication for joint pain – paracetamol

Power paracetamol not too big, has no anti-inflammatory action. Unlike NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be used by people suffering from gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Paracetamol is contained in many preparations under various names, which is often the cause of his przedawkowywania. At the same time from year to year more and more applications side effects after taking paracetamol.
Medication for joint pain – aspirin

Also known as the aspirin. Due to the action of , acetylsalicylic acid, is also recommended for rheumatic pains. Contraindicated in active gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, Allergy to aspirin or other drugs from the group of NSAIDs and in people with coagulation disorders and thrombocytopenia. Should not be applied for 5-7 days before planned surgical intervention system, because it reduces blood clotting.
Medication for joint pain – ibuprofen

Works quickly, but quite briefly. Contraindicated for individuals with existing or passed stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, hypersensitivity to other drugs from the group of NSAIDs. It can be applied in i And II trimester of pregnancy, and during breastfeeding. Outdated in the third trimester.


Pain in the bone are most often a symptom of osteoarthritis, which appears primarily in people in old age. Osteoarthritis occurs when wear of articular cartilage that leads to bone friction. This causes pain, the feeling of stiffness that leads to inflammation and increased bone turnover. Osteoarthritis usually involves the hips, knees, hands, feet and spine. Typical symptoms include headaches are associated with stress and morning stiffness of the joints and limiting their mobility. The exact causes of osteoarthritis are not known, however there are several factors that increase the risk of its development: age and gender (usually women over 45. year of life) and obesity; genetic causes (in particular, passed on from mother to daughter degeneration fingers); paper or intense sports, joint injuries or surgery. Joint pain can arise in particular in the course of the following diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, joint injury (e.g., bruises or sprains), arthritis, or gout (i.e. arthritis caused by deposition of uric acid crystals).

If simultaneously with the joint pain, there fever, chills, severe fatigue, skin changes, or difficulties with movement.
If along with pain in the joints there is redness, heat and swelling one or more joints.
When joint pain result in limitation of motion or morning stiffness.
As severe pain in the joints caused by injury.
When joint pain does not stop after a few days of self treatment, or when convert.

Medication for joint pain – meloxicam

Shows the best ratio of benefit-risk. He is currently one of the most safe for the gastrointestinal tract NSAIDs available without a prescription. The maximum concentration in plasma is reached within 5 hours after ingestion. Its main indication is the short-term symptomatic treatment of exacerbation of osteoarthritis. Contraindications: bronchial asthma, nasal polyps, or working to convert a peptic ulcer, pregnancy and lactation. It cannot be applied to children under 15. year of life.
Medication for joint pain – naproxen

Its advantage is long-lasting analgesic effect. However, it should be careful during concurrent use of oral anticoagulants, sulfonylurea derivatives (diabetes medication) and sulfonamide. A contraindication for its use are hypersensitivity to other NSAIDs, asthma, nasal polyps, perforation or bleeding from the digestive tract, ulcers disease stomach and/or duodenal ulcer in an interview, severe impairment of liver function, kidney or heart failure, third trimester of pregnancy and hemorrhagic diathesis.

Cure joint pain – diclofenac

Absorbed in the small intestine is rapidly and almost completely. The maximum concentration in plasma is reached within 20-60 min after administration in the form of tablets with immediate release. There is also in the form of suppositories, as well as eye gels and liquids. Used for too long, increases the risk of thrombotic events in arteries. That’s why you can’t use it in individuals with congestive heart failure, ischemic heart disease, peripheral arterial disease or cerebrovascular.
Medication for joint pain – Metamizole

Colloquially called pyralginą. This is the strongest and most controversial painkillers. In the US, the UK and the Scandinavian countries was removed from use. It should not be used longer than 7 days. Special care must be patients with pressure shrinkage scratches below 100 mm Hg. art with heart failure, kidney, liver, peptic ulcer, asthma.
Medication for joint pain – deksketoprofen

Recently available without a prescription. Has a two times stronger effect of Ketoprofen (e.g., Ketonal or Refastin prescription) and fewer side effects. But can’t accept lactating women and III trimester of pregnancy, patients with asthma, chronic dyspepsia, heart failure. The drug can cause blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness.

Tools that operate locally

Some of these oral medications are also found in the form of gels, ointments and creams, transdermalnych patches, aerosols (e.g., ibuprofen, often with added menthol which gives a cooling effect), and diclofenac, naproxen or etofenamat (Traumon).

Efficacy: the effect of local drugs is definitely weaker. Only in the case of diclofenac and Ketoprofen has been shown the equivalence with the shape of your mouth.

For whom: for people who are unable to take oral analgesics, for example, because of their adverse effects on gastric mucosa. But it is also true of older people with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, asthma), as well as using other drugs.

Some of the above drugs used in the pharmacological treatment of pain, available without prescription, others only on prescription. Do not use more than one drug from the same group in the same form, because it only increases the possibility of side effects. In addition, paracetamol and NSAIDs are different, so-called, the effect pułapowy. Exceeding the recommended dose does not increase effect analgetycznego, it also increases the risk of side effects.

Opioid drugs is necessary in the event of a sharp and very severe pain of musculoskeletal system – muscles.
In the drugstore you can find many dosage forms and painkillers. Each of them we use depending on the type of pain, submission, taste preferences or taste. Some work faster, others slightly slower, but most importantly, it deprives us of the pain without side effects. Remember, however, that even if we decide on pharmacological treatment pain medications without a prescription, you should consult the chosen drugs with the doctor, and at least with a pharmacist. Best of all, if the drug appoints us doctor dealing with diseases of this body part, for example, an orthopedic surgeon.
Joint problems begin innocently. Stiffness of the joints does not allow energetic get out of bed, then there is slight pain when climbing to the second floor, another time faster finish the race due to feelings of discomfort in the knees. If left untreated, the joints are felt more and more powerful manifestations. Medical interventions require zaczerwienia swelling and joints, and aching pain, complicating the assumption. Do not delay to visit the rheumatologist also if joint pain is accompanied by other symptoms, e.g. muscle pain, fever, lack of appetite, weight loss. One should not wait passively for the development of the disease while discomfort appear occasionally, it is possible to get a joint Supplement that soothe the pain and delays the degeneration of the joints.
A joint is a place of contact between two bones constructed from cartilage and its surrounding elements, i.e. ligaments, tendons, joint capsule filled with joint ointment. Joints provide free movement of the bones relative to each other, without the effect of friction. Although articular cartilage is highly resistant to abrasion, is not subject to regeneration. Often due to age or injuries there is damage to the cartilage that causes pain and discomfort. Problems can also arise from the cavity of the synovial fluid and the pathological changes in ligaments, tendons or other elements of the joint. Joint pain can be the consequence of intense physical exertion or serious diseases – gout, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, chonodromalacji, and even Lyme disease or lupus erythematosus.
Medicines for joints pain

In alleviating pain it is useful mainly are anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. Drugs are produced in the form of tablets for swallowing, as well as the ointment or gel to lubricate painful places. The main active ingredients included in the composition of the drugs on the joints are naproxen and Ketoprofen – nonsteroidal compounds that act as analgesic, anti-inflammatory and przeciwgorączkowo. Medicines for joints, you get without a prescription, however, if multi-day use will not bring You relief, do not delay with the visit to the doctor.
Drugs, supporting the regeneration of cartilage and synovial

In addition to medicines working temporarily used to relieve pain, people who have problems with joints, should take medication, active and in the long term. Modern drugs help to restore damaged articular cartilage and restore fish need flexibility. Available most often in the form of capsules or coated tablets, although can be found also tablets for dissolution in water or vials with liquid. Medications reducing the joints typically contain: hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, diacereinę, piaskledynę and collagen.

Pharmaceutical drugs are not the only rescue to combat joint pain. In addition to pharmaceutical drugs is to use natural products with anti-inflammatory action, for example, oil of evening primrose, ginger and turmeric. In joint disease people taking vitamins groups B, C and D.

Supplements for joints – a handful of important information
Not, perhaps, a secret for you that it is better to prevent than to treat. Diseases of joints wleką years, they are painful and disable you from training. Therefore, never neglect the joints! Don’t wait until the pain in these places. Before to start to take measures that restore the joints

and – first and foremost! – accelerate the so-called processes of scarring. Two main substances that relate to working on the joints, include sulfur (prevents zwyrodnieniom) glucosamine and chondroitin. Remember these names. If you are a serious athlete, you need to know about them.

Where to find glucosamine and chondroitin? Are primarily

in seafood such as crayfish, mussels or shrimp. Unfortunately, store-bought foods of poor quality, that even if your diet is varied, then the joints are under threat. You must be responsible and, accordingly, to take care supplements.

A list of the best supplements for joints in 2018.
We present a list of the best supplements for joints available
in 2018.

1. Top 5 best drugs for joints:

1. Flexogenic – revolution for joints

2. Animal Flex 44 Packs
3. Glucosamine Sulfate with MSM
4. Super Joint Guard, 120 Rapid Release Softgels
5. Nutrend Flexit Drink

1. FLEXOGENIC – advanced composition and high quality ingredients

Product with revolutionary options and highest quality ingredients, take care of Your joints with maximum efficiency. Proportions and ratios between individual components make this product a real revelation among supplements to support and assistance for the musculoskeletal system.

Flexogenic is a product that can be used in severe cases as full support in returning to full form, and also as prophylaxis in severe periods of exercise or increased activity.

Means Animala are drugs that are known and appreciated around the world. No wonder – their effectiveness is confirmed by a lot of people engaged in sports activities. Animal Flex is a product supplied many rich substances. Supplement can contribute to regeneration and to maintain the condition of the body. Supplement is recommended for those who feel discomfort associated with joint function.

It is generally believed that Animal Flex is the most effective drug for the plaster. Supplement contains substances such as chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, Flaxseed oil, minerals, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, extract

with ginger and turmeric. All of these components support the body. The drug is very easy to make – was made in bags. Formula Animal Flex is complete.

No matter what sport you do, you are prone to injuries associated with exercise. Animal Flex is a great solution. Nutritional Supplement also contains antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals.

3. Glucosamine Sulfate with MSM

This Supplement has so many advantages. The admission can have a positive influence on the entire system, including the joints. Dietary Supplement, supports the strength and stimulates regenerative processes. Glucosamine Sulfate is a unique combination of high doses of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, which makes the system motion can be stronger and more durable. Regularly taking the drug, and by applying the right exercise decreases susceptibility to injuries and injuries in the extremities.

In the prescription supplements contains: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and substances, fillers, binders,

and przeciwzbrylające. It is worth noting that glucosamine sulfate is one of the main points on the map of the joint – this ingredient is used not only by athletes, but for example also the elderly. there are studies that chondroitin plays a key role in the development of proteoglycans in the articular cartilage. The substance has an effect on locomotor activity, stabilizes comprehensively the important elements.

MSM is metylosiarczan of methane. Its objectives are the regulation of acid-alkaline balance, neutralize free radicals and combat the ageing of cells – at least, according to experts. Thanks to him, you can restore flexibility and permeability of cell walls, improving the flow of components between tissues.

4. Super Joint Guard, 120 Rapid Release Softgels
Super Joint Guard is a real bomb of precious ingredients.

The recipe includes: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Flaxseed and oil of evening primrose. Supplement copes with the problems of locomotor apparatus. Promotes the regeneration of joints, supports the body for injuries, relieves pain and inflammation, helps to restore cartilage. Food was designed specifically for bodybuilders and athletes. The composition consists of a proven, well-known in medicine, is very effective components. A big plus of this product is the presence of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids required in the process of rebuilding the cell membranes.

The Supplement is free of allergens, including yeast, lactose, sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.

5. Nutrend Flexit Drink
The drug is in the form of soluble powder. There are several versions of fragrance. Its purpose is the protection, regeneration and nutrition of tissues. Nutrend Flexit Drink is the perfect way to improve options and flexibility in the motion system. Additive is so effective that recommends it frequently on many rehabilitacjach in support of the process.
This is a great tool, if we are talking about supplements.

The big advantage of the tool is its low price. Just because something is not a top-shelf price, this does not mean that it is low quality. Nutrend Flexit Drink – a great example in support of this thesis. Supplement consists of the basic elements of building blocks and precursors of the connective tissue. The composition contains: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, collagen peptides, proteins, amino acids, an easily digestible form of calcium and magnesium.

In addition, the product has been enriched:

– vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant, likwidującą free radicals, which stops the aging process. Vitamin C affects the production and preservation of collagen, which occurs later connective tissue;
– vitamin D3 increases the saturation of bone calcium;
hyaluronic acid is one of the most important składnikiów mass matrix of the synovial fluid. This substance is responsible for wile different properties.

Nutrend Flexit Drink-a drug that fell several rankings on the best nutritional supplements. Several years of market presence has led to the fact that this measure has become a recognizable and popular around the world.

2. Why aching joints?
Joints can ache for many different reasons. The problem usually is the insufficient quantity of the synovial fluid that reduces friction during movement. Following this the fluid is possible by providing the body with glucosamine sulfate and hyaluronic acid. The other problem may be inflammation, and too many free radicals. To cope with it, you need to take antioxidants. It may also be that the joints are ill-disturbed levels of calcium (greater, stress, problems

the thyroid gland, drinking large quantities of coffee and tea). The digestibility of this mikroelementu will increase if the body will suplementowany vitamin D3.

It should be remembered that with serious joint problems should always follow the advice of doctors, to and full examination, to apply proper nutrition and care for healthy physical activity.

3. What to choose for yourself?
Before you decide on a particular food, think all over

and „against.” Each of us is different, we have different needs and preferences. Before you buy learn the part you are interested in the product. Make sure that the product is high quality and has not been examined. On the market there are so many different types of products so that you can afford a little whining. It is important that, ultimately, regularly took bought or dietary Supplement if you encounter shortcomings and adhere to all manufacturers ‚ recommendations and doctors. Tool joint support is a tool for all your workouts – without the normal musculoskeletal system you will not be able to keep good results. Removed the propulsion system of revenge over the years. So take care of it, even when you may prevention is in the first place.

4. In addition to glucosamine and chondroitin
Well, if in your diet you will be joining… fish oil. The best one that is obtained from cod liver. Many people claim that drinking it regularly uśmierzysz pain in the joints and to stop the adverse processes that destroy joint tissue. For many years it is believed that fish oil acts a pain reliever, as well as the means of bracing the body. Contains many fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, so that in the long run, can help lower blood pressure. This type of acid are the building blocks for the production of hormones, anti-inflammatory drugs. Due to the high content of vitamins A and D cod liver oil, making it easier to digest the calcium in the bones. It is believed that this substance is effective in prevention.

5. The struggle for the joints begins before training
To prevent zwyrodnieniom joints, you must also diet to follow a few rules. Before each workout be sure to warm up. Never blame the knees, wrists and elbows, without a warm-up! Sudden intake of too much load ends difficult to treat injuries. Your training plans should be based on your skills and weight – don’t kid yourself that without proper training, „on faith”, you will be able to quickly jump to the professional level. To order you need to go systematically, regularly, and training gradually increasing the load. At each stage of training, you need the right dose of the regeneration and appropriate diet with taking the drug at high physical activity and deficiency in the diet.